Yacht Delivery
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Ocean Transport /On board Delivery

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Want to move your boat from A to B without the hassle of a crew on board that you don't know ?

Want to cut the cost but increase the speed?

We have sailings worldwide on a regular basis, move your baby with the professionals

Lift your pleasure craft out of the water on to a ship, Worldwide  yacht deliveries.
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First she is maneuvered into place

Move your boat - yacht delivery the safe way
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Then she shares a friendly deck with the other girls.

The result is that you can sail your boat where you want to without causing her any distress or wear and tear to get her there.

Please e mail us with the following information for a quote to move your yacht 
(Just copy the text in the table below into this e mail ) or fax to + 357 24 627489

Taking the boat From ;

 To ;

Date ;

Length of vessel ;

Beam ;

Draft ;

Height of mast if applicable  ;    

Insurance value of the vessel ;         

Your Name ;

Your daytime contact number            

Your e mail address ;

(Just copy the text in the table above into this e mail for a comprehensive quote)



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