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Date: 02/01/08

Looking for used "class legal" sunfish sail. Bill



Wanted used sail, Main genoa 1 for catamaran Hirondelle 23 Thanks

Date: 10/01/08


We have a BRAND new Neil Pryde spinnaker (Asammetric) made for a Cal 30 Tall rig with new slerve/bag

Date: 19/01/08

Non profit group - Seattle - needs 3 spinnakers for display purposes.
Colorful and halfway decent condition would be great!

Date: 29/01/08

main sail: leech: 34' 10" (10m 62cm) Luff: 32'3" (9m 83cm) center: 33'2" (10m 11cm) Butler-Verner sails, 5 batten, leech line/foot line. email: Good shape, well made with wear/weather stripping sewn in. $125- CDN Located in Vancouver Canada

Date: 15/02/08

Looking for used capri 14 jib sail and whisper pole. Ron Kappes.

Date: 15/02/08

$1200.00 obo
OR CALL 7862776071

Date: 15/02/08

i'm looking for sails for my 1973 Hurley 22 e- mail me if you can help at

Date: 15/02/08

Wanted: Jib for a Flying Junior
Ontario, Canada: E-mail:


Date: 15/02/08

Need main sail for Lancer 25' Mark V

Date: 15/02/08

wanted roller reefing genoa....exceptional condition luff aprox 45/47 ft Foot 16/26
delivery East coast USA or UK

Date: 15/02/08

main sail:
leech: 34' 10" (10m 62cm)
Luff: 32'3" (9m 83cm)
center: 33'2" (10m 11cm)

Butler-Verner sails, 5 batten, leech line/foot line.
Good shape, well made with wear/weather stripping sewn in.

$125- CDN
Located in Vancouver Canada


Wanted: Furling Headsail for C27 Tall.
#6 tape, 35-36 Luff, 18-20 foot. Thanks. Dallas, TX.


Wanted..Mainsail for Catalina 22...must be in good condition and clean...214-460-9854


Wanted - used main sail for the Siren 17' - 1973.
Fairhope, Alabama

Frederika Bartter


Jeneau 45" - 1985
New main sail fully batten is needed


I'm looking for a used sunfish sail
Deb Bush


looking for a main and jib for a 1979 chrysler Mutineer15. email


Am looking desperately for some US 25 Mainsail and 150 headsail.
Please email me cback if you know of anything.


looking for main for snapdragon26  ireland


I need a 150 Genoa for a catalina 30 std rig.

please email me



jib & mainsail required for 420 dinghy. Cambridge UK

07 Dec 2009

looking for a mainsail for montego 20. Luff = 21' and foot is 8.5'.

06 Dec 2009

Looking for used rigg, length of mast 75-80 feet. Thank you.


Looking for any type of used sails from any type of sailboat or windersurfer in fair to good condition for entreprenuerial use.  Looking to start a business of recycling these old sails for various uses - can't say or would give it away.
Please respond  -
Patti Z.

Love spinnakers.

06 Jan 2010

We need a headsail in excellent or very good condition, no junk. The luff min 48.6 inches to 53 feet 6 inches. The food 22 feet 5 inches leech 45 feet 1 inch. No plastic

23 Jan 2010

Mainsail by Doyle---"I" = 50ft., "p" =43.25ft., "E" =14.0ft. 3 partial battens, 2 reefing points, sail tie grommets, plastic track slugs, good condition. originally on 38ft. Ericson. Doug

24 Jan 2010

looking for dragonfly 25 or simular full batten main sail. Thanks

27 Jan 2010

need sails for a 1977 o'day 20foot in very good

28 Jan 2010

Tayana 52 Full Battened Main. Neil Pryde Offers invited. location Nr Jax NE Florida

01 Feb 2010

Looking for Isomat/Isofurl in mast furling main for O'day 322. Also a furling jib for same furling system.

06 Feb 2010

have need of used mainsail for oyster 35 ketch luff 36ft6ins or less leech 38ft3ins foot 12ft9ins would be interested in smaller measurements mike brock

09 Feb 2010

Brand New Sail: Cape Dory 31 100% yankee jib, Dimension/Polyant 280 AP sail cloth, leech and foot lines, #6 luff tape, white Weather Max suncover on starboard side, bag. Luff=39.7' leech=32.1' Foot =17.1' Retail price $1662.00 Reason for sale is this sail has slight soot damage suffered at sailmakers loft. Brand new and never used. Own it for $1,000.00 "as is where is"


Brand New Sail: Cape Dory 31 100% yankee jib, Dimension/Polyant 280 AP sail cloth, leech and foot lines, #6 luff tape, white Weather Max suncover on starboard side, bag. Luff=39.7' leech=32.1' Foot =17.1' Retail price $1662.00 Reason for sale is this sail has slight soot damage suffered at sailmakers loft. Brand new and never used. Own it for $1,000.00 "as is where is" Contact mikem at 


Looking for used race/cruise sails for a C&C 27 MKII " WYNKEN "
  jamessuffelATyahoo,ca Ottawa ON


We are looking for a mainsail for a 21' 1970 Aquarius -


I have 6 sails (1) 27'x12' (2)32'x12 (3) 33'x20' (4) 24'x20' (5)
25'x15' (6) 17'x6.5' measured best
i could and all either new /or like new w/duff bag. Norm in Naples ,florida asking $1100
for all, may separate, but would like to sell all in one deal.


For Sale, like new, 200 sf sail and hollow wooden gaff rig, boom, mast, gaff, with solid brass gooseneck, hoops. $2500 Maine


Looking for used Sunfish sail. Andrew (New Zealand)


Looking for a used 120% - 135% genoa for an O'Day 25. Prefer hank on as I don't have a furler. The rig dimensions are "I" = 30.00, "J" = 10.67. thanks, Chris (ckgreenman AT gmail DOT com)


Wanted J80 or Melges 24 or Laser SB3 Asymmetric Spinnaker, used and cheap!! Lymington Hampshire UK

Date: 05/11/10

Looking for a light air headsail for my Fast Passage 39 foot monohull sailboat.   My luff length on my 95% jib is 43.5 and my headsail setup is furling.

Please let me know what you have available that could range from a 150 genoa with an area not to be smaller than 650 sq ft or weight heavier than 6 oz to a gennaker of 1.5 oz of size of apporximately 1200 sq ft.

please send color of sail (the more colorful the better), shipping weight and size and price.

cheers from the Solomon Sea,

Capt. alex rust
s/v "bubbles";

Date: 05/11/10

Sail sets for 23' O'Day sailboat available. Neil Pryde main + jib, and North Sail main, furler jib, and 120 jib. Will part with either set for the right price. Contact Robin at

Date: 16/12/10
need to buy  a genoa luff 57,5 leech 55,5 foot 26,25 thanks;

Date: 16/01/11

Am looking for a mainsail for a C&C 25. Luff is 27'2" and foot is 9'3". b1llw1se AT bellsouth DOT net

Date: 18/01/11

I looking for a 27 x 12 main sail for a 30 ft Bristol.

Date: 20/01/11

Looking for a set of sails for my Wayfarer 16. I need a main and Jib. I am located in Tulsa Oklahoma US.

Date: 20/01/11

Wanted sails for 25ft macgregor, Raymond, Maine

Date: 22/01/11

needed main sail for s2 7.0 p 24' e 8' i 29' j 10.2' good condition only..

Date: 28/01/11

Needed, Sail set for Tracker 7.7 sloop. Queensland, Australia

Date: 02/02/11

Looking for set of sails for my project Beneteau 432-1988. I:49.3/ J:15.9 / P:45 / E:15 THANKS.

27 May 2013

Needing a main sail for an Alberg 37 KETCH. Luff 34-35 , leech 37 and foot 11'5-12'4. I am having a very hard time finding a used sail for this vessel. Please email me Thank you

28 Sep 2013

WANTED. GAFF MAINSAIL. Luff Length 23'Ft(Min)-29'Ft (Max)-Foot Length 15'-16'Ft(Max)-Head length 15'-16' Ft(Max). White,Cream or Tan(preferred),Dacron, Duradon or Oceanus cloth, & must have at least one reef. Phil, Antigua,(Caribbean)Tel +1268 7889056. E-mail:- sirphil AT Collection may be possible from Florida or specified Caribbean Island, if necessary.

Date: 06/11/13

Wanted for a 38' Ingrid ketch. Working jib (8.5oz or greater). Approximate 39' luff with 14' foot. Presently in Dampier, Australia Call 0455731761

8 Oct 2014

Wanted, Used in good condition Furling Genoa: Luff 31.0ft Leech 30.00ft Foot 14.5ft Luff Rope 7-8mm Lymington, England:

19 Oct 2014

I am looking for a used mainsail that has luff=31.5'-33' and foot=9'6"-10'1" email:

16 Dec 2014

5 oz. symmetrical spinnaker by Doyle, deep blue, very good condition. 53.1' luff, 29.1' foot. $500.

145% Genoa with dark blue suncover, 6 oz. cloth, #6 luff tape, very good condition and ready to go on a roller furler. 49.1' luff, 24.6' foot, 47.2' leech. LP = 23.5'.

145% Mylar-dacron laminated genoa by Doyle Sails. Built in 1984 but still in good condition, rarely used. Radial head, cross-cut body, 5.5 oz. cloth. 54.5' luff, 25.2' foot, 51.5' leech, LP = 24.2'. $500. I live in San Rafael CA.

90% dacron jib by Doyle Sails, good condition, 9 oz. cloth, #6 luff tape, 45.6' luff, 16.5' foot, 40.8' leech. LP = 14.5' $350. I live in San Rafael CA

Date: 20 Dec 2014

Looking for full set of sails for Borrensen BB10. US Virgin Islands.

Date: 27 Dec 2014

Wanted: 120-130 headsail for a Catalina Mark II 42, 2005. Contact:, currently located in Key West, Fl. alternative location during summer months is Bayfield, WI.

Date: 10 Jan 2015

I am looking for a main and 150 jib. The main max is 19 ft luff, and 7ft 9inches foot. The jib is 22ft luff and 9ft foot. Would prefer main full batten, and two reef, however I can work around that. south texas

Date: 18 Mar 2015

need a 110% jib for a columbia 22
long island, ny

Date: 30 Mar 2015

looking for a second hand Gaff main for a Tahiti Ketch. will consider sail that can be cut down and modified. I am in South Australia but will consider from anywhere if the sail and price are right.


14 May 2015

Beautifully made sails by Dave Bierig, well known for making sails for tall ships including the brig Niagara. Nice ounce Contender, triple stitched and heavily reinforced. The main, foresail and forestaysail have battened leeches. The main is high peaked, we don?t use a topsail. These are sails built for going around the world the hard way and standing up to anything. In almost flawless condition aside from a bit of minor staining. Main, foresail, forestaysail, jib. 846 square feet total. To suit schooner around 40' LOA.
Dimensions, more details, photos and video  email me at gaffsailsforsale(at)

19 June 2015

need sails for a Luger 16 leeward  we are restoring main sail luff 17.25 ft foot 9.67 ft leech 19.51 ft  jib sail luff 13.62 ft foot 7.92 ft leech 11.79 ft or the nearest size i can find to these

15 August 2015


Working jib off 1994 hunter 19 . Very good shape, near new. $150

985-707-4956 Pearl River LA

4th Nov 015

Main sail needed for Endeavourcat 30.
Luff max 34ft 4 inches
Leech max 38ft 6 inches
Foot max 17ft 3 inches.

Happy to consider slightly smaller. Stuck in Munjack Cay, Bahamas wit a shredded main sail so please help if you know of anyone wanting to sell a main sail that fits within the above parameters. We are trying to limp back to the USA Ft Lauderdale/West Palm or wherever we can to source a used sail but without a main this will be very slow.

Please contact us at Appreciate any help given.

19th Oct 2016

For Sale: Lido 14 Mast and Sails Excellent Condition Long Beach CA.U.S.A.

Date: 12/08/17

Selling BRAND NEW Vanguard 15 Sail. Thanks. Please put Vanguard 15 in subject of any inquiries.

Date: 15/12/17

Wanted used sail, main, genoa for Pearson ensign.  David. New York

Date: 16/07/18

Looking for Main Sail for Catalina 25 Tall Rig.
Luff 27.66 Foot 9.58. Not particular about condition. Ben 910-330-5611

Date: 29/03/19

Look for used Genoa Racing sail. Luff 42' Foot 23'Leech 41'  #6 foil  condition good or better
Contact Dan
ph. 612-810-4457

Date: 17/09/19

 I am looking for a used Jib/Genoa or price of new one. Catalina 320. Old sail : Luff 41;5" Leech 40', Foot: 18' 9", LP: 17'8" Looking #6 (3/16) roller with Pacific Blue Sunbrella UV on starboard side. I do mostly coastal cruising. Maybe to Bahamas but mostly coastal.

Date: 27/09/22

Looking for battened main sail for 36 ft yacht luff 13200 mm foot 4000mm  delivered to Uk .



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