Newsletter – October 2000
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 Last year (September 1999 – September 2000) Salamandra, on her maiden voyage, sailed 13 000 miles from Cyprus through the Mediterranean to Gibraltar then to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean with 10 people on board and caught 17 fish! A very enjoyable trip.

We joined in the Millennium celebrations in Antigua, West Indies. We then cruised through the Islands to Trinidad and then Venezuela. After deciding to return to Cyprus we traveled back to Antigua and onto Gibraltar via the lovely Azores.

Back in the Mediterranean Sea  we visited Spain, Sicily, Malta, Greece and Turkey.

We feel that the yacht has now been truly tried and tested. She has performed very well for us.

At present we are hauled out for our yearly maintenance.

Around the 10th of November we are heading off down the Red Sea to Kenya/Tanzania, returning to Cyprus in early June. See schedule for more details.

The “family” will remain in Cyprus for this particular voyage to allow easier co-ordination and communication.

The plan for the summer is to go to the UK. We intend leaving Cyprus mid June.

We hope to visit Turkey, Greece, Malta, Sicily, Sardinia, Minorca, Majorca, Ibiza, Spain, Gibraltar and the Azores en route. Arrival in the UK in September

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the yacht for any part of our voyage




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