Posted 10-01-2000


Myark Barges
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If you are sporty, adventurous or just plain sensible, you will see the myriad of possibilities that these wonderful little barges present.

10m x 4.8m folding barges have many uses in the commercial sector.
 It has access not only to harbours but also to rivers and lakes. 

Thanks to the fact, it easily folds and transports behind a 4 x 4 vehicle. One person can easily assemble and launch barge in less than 30 minutes. The towing weight is 2,000kg with a floated carry load of 10,000kg.
The 7.2m x 3.6m folding barge is designed for the average vehicle to tow. It weighs 800kg and only 800mm wide folded or 1.8m to the outside of the wheels and can be towed opened or shut.

One person can easily assemble and launch in 15 minutes. The floating carry load is a maximum of 4,000kg.

                   Tows closed                                                               Or open

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