Posted 02-04-99


Exchange Property for Yacht
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There are two properties avaliable which the owners wish to exchange for sailing yachts.
Obviously they want nice yachts of good value.

  • The palatial thirty-eight + room, 21,000 + sq.ft Romanesque Georgian Mansion is situated on one plus acres overlooking a small picturesque PA borough a little over two hours from NYC. It needs about $250,000 spent to bring it cosmeticaly to it's former glory. It is structuraly sound and good, being built in brownstone/brick.

Also located nearby are several Ski Resorts, Penn State College and a large hospital. This extraordinary property was hand crafted by artisans .The property has a $3.8MM replacement value. Charles Schwab was a partner of Andrew Carnegie and gave this property to his wife as a gift who later donated it to the state in 1903 where it was used as a monumental public building and school.It has R-3 zoning (high density residential zoning) which offers numerous possibilities As an extra bonus the property has a 26,000 ft. "fixer" annex which was added on in the 1930s and '50s. The huge free-span area of the annex features 20 ft. + ceilings   The interior mostly consists of numerous grand rooms many of which are adorned with magnificent woodwork and intricate plaster work. The property also features "his and her" bank vaults, The massive Seth Thomas working clock tower rises to a height of 125 ft. and can be seen almost a ?trong> mile away as one approaches the property. It also boasts a huge formal theater adorned with elaborate plaster decorations. This extremely beautiful 1901 historic landmark is structurally very, very solid fixer needing only minor updating, landscaping & cosmetics
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  • 21 acre Calloway Business Park site  located only 4-5 minutes from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in TX USA, a very, very prime RE corridor - appraised 3 weeks ago for $948,000.00 (U.S.). -  both properties are free and clear. 

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Will consider  sailing yachts in the $1.25M-$1.4M  bracket in exchange for both properties, or
...well offer me some yachts please.


To enquire further please E-mail us here.


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