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MYSTERY  CLASS  39’  CUTTER     (Classic Yacht)
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LOA : 38’ 1”   LWL: 26’ 3”
BEAM: 8’ 8.5”    DRAFT: 5’ 6”    DISPL: 7 tons


CONSTRUCTION:    One inch pitch pine on steam bent oak frames of one and half by one and a quarter inches, copper fastened. The frames are spaced at seven inches.   The keel is English elm and the ballast keel of lead, 3 tons.   The decks are one inch pine,  GRP sheathed.    Coamings, rails, deck fittings and interior trimmings are in teak.   The hull is copper sheathed.

RIG:   Masthead cutter with running backstays.   She is rigged for roller or slab reefing and there are twin forestays.

MAST:  Hollow silver spruce with double spreaders.
SAILS: Old main, new main,  yankee,   genoa,   jibs  No.1  No.2  and No. 3,   staysails  No.1 and   No.3,   cruising chute.

ENGINE: Perkins 4107    36 hp.
WATER:  60  gallons .
FUEL:  22  gallons.

GROUND TACKLE:   Large CQR with 37 fathoms chain.   Danforth kedge.   Electric windlass. 
STEERING:   Wheel. 
AUTOPILOTS:   Navic wind vane.   Autohelm 3000 .
DINGHY:   Inflatable with outboard. 
NAVIGATIONAL:   Log,   echo sounder,   GPS .

ACCOMMODATION:   There are quarter berths port and starboard under the doghouse forward of which the galley and chart table are either side.   The saloon has two settee berths.   The fo’cs’le is very roomy and is presently used for sail and warp stowage with a baby Blake toilet amidships.        

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     Robert Clark’s award winning design broke new ground in 1935.   The concept of her masthead cutter rig with the mast further aft than was usual thus putting more sail area in the powerful foretriangle and reducing the huge and unwieldy mainsails of the time was hailed as revolutionary.   Her lines are sweet, her construction strong yet light.   Her accommodation was regarded as comfortable and spacious.   When the first Mystery was launched in 1936 she got rave reviews for her sailing qualities, proving herself very fast and weatherly with a perfectly balanced hull which allowed the yacht to steer herself even on a beam reach.   Some twelve yachts of this class were built but as was common at the time, although the basic lines and rig were identical, variations to the detail varied.   Thus with our example of 1937 we have wheel steering and a doghouse.   The accommodation plan however conforms precisely to the original (as per drawing).

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   What we know of this yacht’s recent history begins with a circumnavigation 1972 to 1975 UK to UK.  We are told that she rounded the Horn and survived a force 11 in the South Atlantic without any mishaps. In the 1980’s she was sailed to the Med. and thereafter was cruised for a number of months yearly, mainly in the Aegean and Turkish waters.   For the last three years she has not cruised but has been moored in the water and hauled and painted as necessary (the last time was in May 2000 when the topsides were repainted). 

   This yacht has certainly proved herself a practical cruiser and has looked after those sailing her.   She is a classic of importance being the start of the illustrious career of Robert Clark who then used the basic lines he had conceived for Mystery to build Ortac in 1937, which was still racing at Cowes week in the 1970’s.

This yacht is an exciting project for those capable of hard work and /or investment.


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This boat has been strangely dealt with. 
We will be publishing full details.

She is no longer available.

Update August 2005

There has been a lot of interest in the reason for the removal of this beautiful yacht from our pages.

I had been prepared to let it go until this evening 3rd August when I discovered that the new owners of Mystico have stolen Andrews write up, lock stock and barrel from this website. Hugh Davis dislikes me intensely, mostly due to the fact that he knows that I know his true nature, borne out it seems by this latest theft .


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